Website export

It is possible to export a complete website or a branch of a website for backup purposes or as a copy.

You should never export parts of a website into another website. The exported branch of the website would not know to which website it belongs, template fonts would be missing and files for the branch would be missing.

If you would like to export a website, select the website, right click and choose Export pages.

If the website have a large database it is preferable to make the export at other times than prime time for the website so that the visitors browsing will not be slowed down.

Export pages
A new window will open where you can add a name and a description. By default the name of the export will be the name of the website you are exporting.
Export information
Click Ok, and the export will begin.
When the export is done the window will close. There will then be a .sva file in the archive folder. If the database is large, there can be several sva-files. If you are logged in as the systemuser you can see the file beneath <url>/webdav/data/archive.

This function requires that you are logged in as the system user or have the permission rights to "Export and import pages".

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