Input fields

Here you add the attributes that should be displayed and editable by the user. The user can only see and change its on information.


Beneath attribute you find the fields that are to be displayed for the user. By default the attributes First name, Last name and E-mail address are shown. It is also possible to add attributes from the scheduler in SiteVision.

Use custom object class

Check this box in order to add a custom object class. You can do this if you have an extended scheduler to add custom attributes in the directory. Fill in the object class here. Then you can utilize the attributes connected to that object class as well, in addition to the ones in the SiteVision scheduler.
Screenshot of the tab Attributes
In order to add an attribute, click the plus sign.
Add attribute



The name shown for the input field beneath User information.

Directory attribute id

Here you fill in an attribute. You can only use the attributes available in the SiteVision scheduler. The attributes are different in different directories. The following attributes follow the schedule for InetOrgPerson which most directories support (eDirectory, OpenLDAP etc).
- cn (usernamn)
- mail (emailaddress)
- givenName (firstname)
- sn (lastname)
- title (title)
- description (description)
- telephonenumber (telephone)
- ou (department)



Check this box if the attribute should be mandatory.

Multi value

If the attribute should be able to edit on several rows you check this box. Otherwise the textfield is only one row.

Administrator field (hidden for normal users)

Only check this box if the administrators should be able to see and edit this field.

Visible for all users

If you want all users to see this field even though it's an administrator field, check this box.


Here you can select to validate the field, i.e. ensure that the right kind of information is typed in the fields. e.g. emailaddress.

No validation

By default this box is checked, and the field will not be validated, i.e. you can fill in anything in the field.

Email address

If this box is checked you will have a regular expression to ensure that the field contains among other @ and point to ensure that it is a correct email address.

Regular expression

If you would like to validate other fields you have to create a regular expression. Read more about regular expressions:

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