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Custom JAAS modules and filters

JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) is a standardized Java security framework for user-centric security.

SiteVision uses JAAS for authentication and the configuration is located centrally on the Site properties beneath Security -> Authentication Configuration. As a developer, you can write your custom JAAS plugin modules and utilize them in SiteVision.


Your JAAS plugin must implement the class and be packed in a jar. The jar must contain a manifest that describes that it is:

a) a login module:

Name: YourClass
Login-Module: true


b) a login filter:

Name: YourClass
Login-Filter: true

A full example of a manifest file that describes a JAAS module in class should look like this (note empty lines):

Manifest-Version: 1.0

Login-Module: true

Sitevision specific callbacks are available in the public API jar file. More information on how to retireve the jar file can be found here.


In order for SiteVision to detect your JAAS plugin your jar file must be placed in the custom/lib folder.

The next time SiteVision is restarted, the JAAS plugin will be detected and can be configured as any other JAAS plugin found on the tab Authentication configuration beneath Site properties.


A comprehensive example of a custom JAAS module is available here

The page published: 2017-09-20

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