User nodes are located in the external repository (sv:externalPrincipalRepository) or in user container  (sv:userContainer) nodes. They have no children.

The user nodes correspond to the users defined in the directories.

User nodes implement some of the functionality in JCR level 2. It is possible to change some of the properties or add properties to a user.

Node name
NameType and description
<user-name>Dynamic / Model dependent
 The name of the user (e.g. "John Doe").
NameType and description
 The name of the user
 The LDAP directory where the user is defined
subscriptionsMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.WEAKREFERENCE
 Pages user subscribes to
objectClassMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 Attribute definitions
mobileMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 An array of mobile phone numbers
titleMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 An array of titles
 The unique LDAP id for the user
mailMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 An array of email addresses
snMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 User surname
groupsMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.WEAKREFERENCE
 An array of the (directory) groups to which the user belongs
 Last known DN (Distinguished Name)
descriptionMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 User description
usernameMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 An array of user names
givenNameMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 An array of given names
telephoneNumberMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 An array of telephone numbers
 A reference to the parent node

SiteVision Utility API tip!

  • Current user can be looked up via PortletContextUtil.getCurrentUser
  • The DirectoryUtil interface exposes a set of methods for searching a specific directory and getting a sv:user by its DN.
  • The sv:userIdentity for a sv:user can be looked up via UserIdentityUtil.getUserIdentity
  • The UserUtil interface contains functionality to check group membership​
  • The UserDataUtil can be used to manage personal user data
  • The LinkRenderer interface can be used to render a link for a sv:user (a mailto link or a link to the profile page of the sv:user's sv:userIdentity).

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