User container nodes are located in the directories (sv:directory) or in other user containers (sv:userContainer) nodes. They may have users (sv:user), groups (sv:userGroup) or other user containers (sv:userContainer) as child nodes.

The user container nodes correspond to the users containers defined in the directories.

Node name
NameType and description
<user-container-name>Dynamic / Model dependent
 The name of the user container (e.g. "subscribers").
NameType and description
 The name of the user container
 The LDAP directory where the user container is defined
objectClassMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 Attribute definitions
 The unique LDAP id for the user container
childrenMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.WEAKREFERENCE
 An array of all child nodes
 Last known DN (Distinguished Name)
descriptionMulti-Value of javax.jcr.PropertyType.STRING
 User container description
 A reference to the parent node

SiteVision Utility API tip!

  • The DirectoryUtil interface exposes a set of methods for searching a specific directory and getting a container node by its DN.

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