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The subscription portlet only functions in combination with the directory services OpenLDAP and eDirectory. If you use for instance AD you can use the internal directory service (Apache DS) to manage the subscription.

You can use the internal directory, even though using OpenLDAP or eDirectory for storing users, to manage the subscription. Then everything is preset for the subscription and you can begin to activate pages for the subscription.

In order for the subscription to function you need to make certain settings:

Step 1 The directory service setting must have an LDAP Proxy user

1. Highlight the server/website (depending on where the directory is located) and choose Properties.

2. Choose Security and the tab Directory services.

3. Double click the directory.

4. The directory service setup must have an LDAP Proxy user who have rights to create and edit users in the directory.

Screenshot of how to add a proxy user

The proxy user must have rights to create and edit users in the folder selected beneath Search base for subscribers. Unless Always create new users for subscribers is checked the "proxy user" also needs to have rights to edit existing users in the directory.

Step 2 Create a folder in the directory where to save the subscribers.

To create a folder the user given as LDAP Proxyuser (see above) must have rights to create a folder in the directory beneath the search base.

If the user have rights to create a folder you choose Properties->Security->Access control. Click the plus sign. Click on the tab Browse and select where you would like to create the folder.

how to create a folder

Thereafter you click Create new object and create a new folder subscriptions. All new subscribers will be saved here.

Screenshot of how to create a folder

Step 3 Search base for subscribers

Beneath the subscription settings you add the Search base for subscribers. You can see this search base if you move the cursor over the folder subsciptions in the directory. If you would like all subscribers to be added as new users in the directory you check the box Always create new users for subscribers.

Searchbase for subscribers

Steg 4 Extend the directory service schema

Apart from step 1-3 you also must set up the directory to accept subscription users. In order for the directory to be able to store SiteVision subscribers the directory's schema must be extended.

The schema should have an object class, by default named “sitevisionUser" and contains the attribute “subscriptions". This must be set up by the system user.

It is done by importing the LDIF file below:

#This LDIF file creates Senselogic SiteVision specific attributes and objectclasses. version: 1

dn: cn=schema
changetype: modify
attributeTypes: ( subscriptions-oid NAME 'subscriptions' SYNTAX{64512} )
objectClasses: ( sitevisionuser-oid NAME 'sitevisionUser'
AUXILIARY MAY subscriptions)

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