Link style

Beneath the tab Link style you can edit the appearance of links. By default links are displayed with the same settings as text, with the exception if Underlined links is activated or not.

In order to edit the appearance for links you check the box ad the click the button for desired rows.

Screenshot of the tab link style
The window Font settings for link will open and you can decide the appearance for the link.

There are four different "types" of links:

  • Link -

    All links not included below, ordinary all links on a webpage.
  • Hover -

    The link beneath the cursor. Used to get the so called hovereffect.
  • Active -

    Links who are "pressed down"
  • Visited -

    Links where the visitor already has visited.

Add only checked link settings to css file

If you do not check this box, the link properties are like they been historically in SiteVision i.e. the link properties will be written to the css file (with the same appearance as the template font if not adjusted). If you check this box only the link properties made will be written in the css file.
Observe! If you use semantic text you need to check this box for all template fonts used in the text portlet. Otherwise links will be written with multiple link settings.
A tip for increased accessibility! Always make the links and clickable areas easy to use for everyone.
  • Always underline links, preferable with blue color.
  • Use different colors for visited and non visited links (same shade but the non visited links should be stronger and more clear).
  • Active links should be distiguished through for example a changed background color.

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