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Check "Use a name to identify this field" if you would like to use autocomplete in the form. If a textfield has the same name as another field that has been filled in earlier, the browser can make a suggestion out of that information. To make activation of the autocomplete feature possible, the form field needs a special name element. The following are available:
  • name
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • title
  • organisation
  • street
  • postcode
  • city
  • email
  • phone
  • mobile

If you check this box you will get a warning as you cannot have two fields using the same name element on the same page.

Screenshot of warning
A tip for accessibility! To increase accessibility you should give homogeneous names to input fields to make it possible for users to use autocomplete.

Description of field

To make the form more accessible you can make a more detailed description of the field. This description will be used as title in the source code.


Visible in email notification

Here you choose if you want the question visible in the email notification or not.
A tip for accessibility! Using title to describe the input field makes it more accessible.

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