The participant chooses one alternative from a list of several alternatives. The alternatives are presented in a drop down list or as checkboxes where the participant can be allowed to add his/her own answer.
Single selection and Multiple selection have the same settings on the tab Alternative. The difference between the single selection and multiple selection that you can see in the form, is that when using single selection the checkboxes are round and for the multiple selection they are square:
Screenshot of radiobuttons for Single selection
Sccreenshot of checkboxes for Multiple selection
To add an alternative you click the plus icon and type the alternative in the textfield that appears. To remove an alternative you simply select the question and click the minus icon and to move an alternative higher in the list you select the question and click the upward arrow. The alternatives can be displayed in a drop down list or as checkboxes.
Screenshot on the tab Alternative

Import alternatives from file

Here you can import alternatives from a file. In order for it to function it is crucial that you have one alternative per row.

OBSERVE! It is important that it is a text file (Note pad etc.) that does not use any formatting.

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