Here you register the recipients who are to be notified when the form is submitted.
Screenshot of the tab E-mail

Send email to the following addresses

Here you add email addresses that are to receive a notification when the form has been sent by the user. To add an address, click the plus button. To remove an address, select an address and click the minus button. To change an email recipient, click the property button.

Send copy of answer to user (logged in only)

If you want the user to receive a copy of the form that has been sent in. This is only possible for logged in users.



Here you can add a subject to the email sent to the recipients in the subject field. By default the subject description is set to "Form".

Get from

If you want to use a question as a subject you can find it under Get from

Advanced settings

Include answer as PDF attachment to the email

This will attach a PDF-file to the email sent to the recipients with the answers from the poll.
If having license for the function to specify a from address there will be an additional check box:

Specify a from address for emails sent from this portlet

If you check this box you can specify a from address for this portlet. The address which is stated as the Sender address centrally on the web site will not be used for this portlet. In the example below will be the sender of the emails.
Specify from address
Permission rights! The ability to specify a from address for emails sent from the email form is steered by license.

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