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NOTE! The name of this portlet was earlier (pre SiteVision 3) "JCR menu".

The custom Velocity template in the JCR menu uses the JCR (Java Content Repository, JSR 283) programming model. The SiteVision API is available here

Elements available in the Velocity Context
NameType and Description
 This portlet. See properties below
 The main entry point to all utility classes
 The JCR Session
 The portlet request
Additional properties available for the portlet element ($portlet)
NameType and Description 
 The root node from where the menu should be rendered. The node is based on the actual start node configuration of the portlet (i.e. other startpage, startpage from metadata, show parent if empty). 
 A Node that has property selectorText (java.lang.String) - the css class name of the font  
 Whether or not a different font should be used for current page  
 A Node that has the property selectorText (java.lang.String) - the css class name of the active font. (NOTE! activeFont will only be available if useActiveFont == true) 
 Whether or not to use an Image 
 A Node that has property URI (java.lang.String) - the relative URL to the image. (NOTE! image will only be available if useImage == true) 
 Whether or not to use the Site's setting for icons and descriptions (i.e. "open in new window" icon, "external link" icon, "PDF" icon etc) 

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