Screenshot of the Replication tab
In order to add a web site, click the plus sign:
Screenshot of settings for replication



Selection of the website to be replicated.

Target server

The server the website should be replicated to. In this field you fill in the IP address. If the target server does not use port 80 you must also supply port number. The general format to use for an adress is <IP>:<port>, for example "" (or "" if the server uses port 80)

Secure connections

Check this box if the replication should be encrypted. The following steps must be performed before in order to get this to work:
  • Configure target server to enable https..
  • Export certificate from target server and send it to the source server.
  • Import the certificate in the source server with appropriate tool (for example "KeyTool.exe" bundled with Java SDK/JDK).
  • When 1-3 is finished you can tick the check box "Secure connections (HTTPS)"

Shared security key

The information that is supplied in Replication sources on the target server.


Replicate access control information

Check this box if information about users should be included in replication. This will only work if target server and source server use the same user connection (directory).

If you select a replication in the list and click button Run now the replication will be initialized and performed.


Check this box if the replication should be paused (this box will become checked if clicking the pause button).
Screenshot of the Replication tab
The pause button can be used for instance if accidentally activated an initial replication of a web site and would like to continue the replication later. Click the pause button.

The replication will become inactive:

Screenshot of the paus button for replication
Note that all data will be placed in a replication queue and be sent when starting the replication again.
Screenshot of buttons on the Replication tab

An inportant note about altering a configuration

If an existing replication is altered there can exist data that has not been replicated yet. If the target server has been altered, this data will not ever be sent. The data must manually be removed by removing files in the folder /data/replication on the server. Replication of new data is completely blocked until this is done!

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