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System messages

If a system-critical issue occurs, SiteVision sends system messages by e-mail to the server manager.

Examples of system-critical problems:

  • Backup fails
  • Replication factor does not correspond to the number of nodes in the cluster
  • Incorrect database schedule
  • Insufficient free disk space

See below for examples of system messages sent.

Important message from SiteVision

Server address: http://www.example.com:80
SiteVision version: 4.2.4
Latest system start: 2042-02-29 13:37:37

Column family disk size growing too large

The column family FILES size is growing larger than the available amount of free space in the data directory.
This might prevent compaction/defragmentation tasks to run correctly. Column family size is 100 GB, available free space in data directory 120 GB. The ratio triggering this message is currently set to 0.8.

The above message indicates that there will soon not be enough free disk space for Cassandra, SiteVision’s database, to perform the necessary maintenance procedures. It can be remedied by freeing up more disk space.

Unable to backup the database

Server information
Server address: http://www.example.com:80
SiteVision version: 4.2.4
Latest system start: 2042-02-29 13:37:37
Unable to backup the database
The latest backup of the SiteVision Cassandra database performed at 2042-02-29 12:34:56 failed.
Please perform a manual backup operation from the cluster panel.

The above message means that the backup of Cassandra, SiteVision’s database, failed. A problem that may occur on Windows Server. We know about it and we are working on a solution. Please let us know if you have been affected.

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