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Now the centre column seems to lie to the right. This is because the columns flowing so far have only used 8 of the 12 columns that are possible to use.

12. Select Row, right-click and Add to grid column of 4 columns.

Right-click and rename the grid column to "Right".

13. Add two text modules (as in step 7).

14. Select the grid column that we named Right, right-click and select Convert to content area. Feel free to use one of the pre-created content areas, such as Right column. Click OK.

15. If you want a page that uses this template to always have a minimum height (so that the page does not look so compressed if you only have one line of text on the page), you can set this by selecting Row-> Properties-> Size-> Minimum height. Select any dimension (for height, you do not need to use percentage - that is only important for width when building responsively).


16. Publish the template. Done!

The page published:

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