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Spellcheck text can be found under the Tools icon in the toolbar.


You can activate the Spellcheck by selecting Tools -> Spellcheck.  This setting is then saved to the user so the next time you log in, it detects whether you have enabled or disabled Spellcheck.

Spellcheck is used to make the editor aware of whether a word is misspelled. If a word is misspelled or is not in the dictionary, it is marked with a red bar under the word. If you get an indication that a word is misspelled, select the word and choose one of the following options:

  • Suggested spelling - one or more words appears at the top of the list if there are related suggestions.
  • Add to dictionary - adds the selected word to the dictionary. Words that you add to the Spellcheck become a common dictionary by language and server.
  • Ignore - if you do not want to add the word to the dictionary and want to ignore this occurrence of the word.
  • Ignore all - if you do not want to add the word to the dictionary and want to ignore all occurrences of the word on the page.
Suggested words in the Spelling function in SiteVision

Spellcheck always checks in the language of the website.

NOTE! The words that are added to the dictionary cannot be edited or deleted afterwards.

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