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Profile strength - Common

Modulen Profilstyrka visar hur långt en användare har kommit med att färdigställa sin sociala identitet i Social Collaboration. Profilstyrka kan också ge en indikation ifall en användare uppfyllt givna samarbetskriterier. Ju fler kriterier en användare uppfyllt, desto starkare blir profilstyrkan. Maxvärdet är 100%.

In the General tab, you can specify which texts are displayed in connection with the module.



Text that will be shown when the user reaches 100%

Here you can enter how to visually confirm that all the criteria are met and the profile strength reached its maximum, i.e. 100%.

Use descriptive text for information popup

The Use descriptive text for information popup checkbox is about a heading that clarifies the information in the information box.


Show link to help page in information popup

Show link to help page in information popup allows a link to a page where the employee can read about, for example, help texts linked to the social identity, or another page you choose to create.

When you tick the box, you can designate which landing page to link to.

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