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Search field for user - Other

The Search field for user module shows a search box where it is possible to browse users on the website.


Visible fields in search results for users

Use custom user fields

By default, a small view of the user fields appears in the search results. Name and title are default in the small view in the guide.

If you want more information, you can add more user fields. Tick this box and click the Add link to add more fields.

More user fields

To delete a user field, select it from the list and click on the minus button.

The user fields appear in the order in which they appear under this tab. Names always appear at the top and cannot be selected to delete or sort. To sort other fields, select the field in the list and click the up/down arrow.

Target pages

Use a custom profile page to show details about users

Here you can designate your own profile page - not the one created automatically in the guide.

Use custom page for user search results

Here you can designate your own search results page - not the one created automatically in the guide.

The Search user module must be on the search results page.

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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