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In the Versions tab, group members can view versions of a document in a group. The Manage button allows group admins and group members to manage a file.

Group members

Group members can download and delete a version of a file via the menu options under the "Manage" button.


Group administrator

The group administrator can download, delete and set an official version of the file via menu options under the "Manage" button.

Set version

The administrator selects the official version of a file. The set version is the version that is downloaded when visitors who are not group members download the document. To determine the version, the "Set selected version" permission is required. The "Group Administrator" role created by the guide has this permission.

Set version is marked in green in the version list.

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Lägg till metadata


Metadata can be used to categorise files into groups. To add any metadata, click the field next to the metadata name. Fill in the value and press Enter or click on the tick.

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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