In Administration mode, you will find some of the settings that were previously found under Properties on SiteVision Server. Settings and monitoring have been modernised and improved. Administration mode includes a common event log for system events, logs, settings for clustered environments, webdav, jmx, and you can test the server's write speed.

Via JMX you will find a remoteAPI that you can use to perform operations against the Java process.


Examples of use:

A page lock has "jammed" and requires manual unlocking. To unlock it, click on the SiteVision folder. Then Select NodeLock and finally Locks. You will now see the ID number of the pages with locks. Copy an ID number and paste it into unlockByForceByNodeId. Click on Execute.

Unlock by force

In the org.apache.cassandra. folders, you can get more information if you have cluster problems.

You will not access the setting if the site is located in SiteVision Cloud.

You need to log in with the system user to access this feature.

The page published: 2019-03-25

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