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User items and social profiles

Here you can find information about user items and the connection to social profiles in SiteVision. On SiteVision’s customer web you will find important information about directory service reconnection and the effects and opportunities available.

User items in SiteVision

SiteVision has two types of user item.

  • user - user item created during a direct connection between the directory service and SiteVision, e.g. during own server operation
  • simpleUser - user item created during federated login with SAML, e.g. in SiteVision Cloud

Information about the user is saved on the user item.

  • Permissions in SiteVision
  • My favourites
  • Settings for the editor (language, text size etc.)
  • Any data from third party functions (e.g. script modules created by partners)
  • Connections to user metadata (e.g. page manager)

Social profile in Social Collaboration

If Social Collaboration is enabled on the website, a social profile is created by SiteVision for each user item that is created. The user item and social profile have a two-way reference and are therefore interdependent.

  • userIdentity

The social profile saves information associated with the user and the social Collaboration.

  • Profile image
  • Membership in groups
  • Notifications
  • And much more connected to Social Collaboration


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