Administration on-line

The questions form is administered through the on-line interface, like the survey portlet. You need rights to write on the current page in order to administer the questions form.
Administering of the questions form
Here you can see the number of answers and the number of participants. The answers are displayed in a list. The list is different depending on the chosen settings for it. You select this beneath the tab Overview in the questions form.


Will export all information (the form) to Excel. If you click this link there will be a question if you would like to open or save the file.
File download


If you would like to have the data in XML form, you click this link. Then you will have the information from the form in the XML format.

Form PDF

If you click this link the form will be exported to a PDF form. Useful if somebody need to fill in the form on paper instead on the web.

OBSERVE! Categories cannot be exported to the PDF.


Send email

Send an email to the visitors that have submitted an answer. The "Reply-To" address in the portlet will be used as the email address source.

screenshot of email notification


Here you select the number of answers to display per page. If you choose five and there are more answers than that there will be page numbering.
Count when limited

Show details

If you click this you will see submitted answers for each booking.
Display details



Here you can edit the answers in the form. The form will open with existing information.


Here you can remove the submitted answer.

Show all answers

If you click this button you will go back to the list with all submitted answers.

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