Screenshot of the tab Limitations


Limit the number of visible articles

Set the number of articles that will be shown, regardless of the number of articles in the archive. By default this is set to 10 articles.

Skip leading articles

Check this box if the portlet is not supposed to show the latest news since the latest news might get a "bigger" space on another web page in another portlet.


Here you set filters for the portlet e.g. if you only want to show news about golf. If you click the plus icon a new window will appear, see image below. Here you set what metadata field you would like to filter on. After that you set the constraints to filter on. The constraints are equals, not equals, contains and not contains. After that you set the value, i.e the search phrase.
Screenshot of the window Add Criteria


Show message when there are no articles to display

If you do not have any news to display you can choose to display a message instead of nothing at all. By default "No articles available". Type the message in the box and select the desired font for the text.

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