Transformation of content (XSLT)



Start URL

Type the complete address to the web page or application that is to be linked into the web site. This is usually the first page on the web or application to be linked in.

Main source type

The proxy can work with sources both in HTML and XML.


    In the case an application should be linked in you usually stat HTML as the source type.  If you choose HTML the indata can partly be in the wrong format and the proxy will try to correct the errors before transforming.
  • XML


    If XML is chosen as the source e.g. if data in the RSS format is to be transformed it is important that the indata is in correct XML format. Otherwise the proxy will not be able to perform a trasformation.

Transformation of content (XSLT)

Here it is possible to make arbitrary changes through XSLT. The proxy will convert the read in HTML resources to XML and will apply an XSLT transformation before the result is returned to the client browser. XSLT is a standard for transformation of XML, there are plenty of reading material available on the Internet. More information about XSLT and how to integrate web applications with the proxy you find in our Developer Guide.

Restore to default

Clicking this option will reset the XSLT template to the default if needed.

Import template

If there is an already written XSLT template you can import the file here.


By clicking the Test button the changes, that have been done, to the settings will be shown instantly in the editing mode.
Access requirements! This portlet is add-on functionality.

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