Always add authentication information

If you check this box the portlet always adds Basic Authentication information (usernamne and password) to the referenced application.
Observe! Use with caution. The username and password will always be sent if you check this box. Do not use at web sites you do not trust.

Show offline

Gives the result of the script displayed in editing mode. Otherwise the following message will be displayed: " This portlet is only shown online".
Observe! You must only choose this alternative if you are certain that your script does not affect the editing mode! Otherwise you may have a page that you can not edit

Show debug information

Check this box if you would like to see debug information in the editing mode.

Allow only addresses with the same path as "Start URL"

If you check this box, only addresses with the same path as Start URL will work.

Scope for link rewriting

If there are links on the proxied web page or application you can choose whether they should be accessed through the proxy or from where the original URL points. This applies to “ordinary" links in text, images, JavaScript and CSS. Add expressions here that matches the links you want to be opened through the proxy. This is done by clicking the + sign. A new window will open where entering the desired address.

The expressions are prefixes of the URL's you want to match, with or without hostname. If a webpage has a link to "" and you add "" as expression then the link will be rewritten.

If the start URL points to "" and contains a link "" then the expression "/somefolder" will cause the link to be rewritten, since it is a prefix of the full URL, not counting the host. If you want all links to be rewritten, regardless of host, you can add the expression "/" which will match all links.


Forward Cookies

Cookies are usually not sent to the underlying applications. Here you can do this by naming the cookies you would like to forward. If several cookies, use coma separation.

E.g if you have a security solution in front of the Proxy you might want to forward the cookies.

Skip headers

Headers are normally sent to the underlying applications. Here you can choose to not forward headers. If several headers to ignore you separate the with comma.

Transformation of other XML-based source types

Here you can define XSLT templates for additional content types e.g. RSS. Click the plus sign to add a template.

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