Mandatory metadata

If you would like the person that are uploading images should add more metadata fields you need to add mandatory metadata on the folder that is selected in the image archive (Destination).

Do the following steps in order to add mandatory metadata on the folder:

  • Switch over to the image archive.
  • Select the folder that is selected beneath Destination in the image upload portlet.
  • Select Properties for the folder.
  • Beneath General -> tab Information Metadata you can add metadata definition
  • Click the add button. Add the desired type of metadata.
  • Fill in name and a description beneath the tab General.
  • State the alternatives beneath the tab Alternative.
  • On the tab Advanced you check the box for the metadata being mandatory.
  • Click Ok. Now there will be a mandatory metadata definition on the folder.
Information metadata om the folder
This metadata will be shown as mandatory when uploading the image:
Image upload with mandatory metadata
Permission rights! This portlet/function requires the right "Manage metadata definitions".

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