Beneath tab you can change the template fonts and the colors for the form.
Screenshot of the tab appearance


Template fonts

Here you can change template fonts for:
  • Label (name of the question)
  • Text (common text and questions)
  • Input (text filled in by the visitor)
  • Error messages (in case of an error message)


Mandatory field asterisk

Here you decide on the color for the asterisk (*) which implies a question is mandatory.
A tip! The administrator can make this setting centrally beneath Properties for the website -> Appearance -> Color mapping -> Mandatory field asterisk.  
Here you can select to present the questions on plates and the color for these backgrounds. You can also select the color for the borders.

Present questions on plates

Here you can decide on the background colors for different texts.
  • Upper background- Color behind the question
  • Lower background- Color behind the input field
  • Borders- Color on the borders around the question.
colors for plates


Gap between fields

Here you adjust the gap between fields, default value is 10pxs.

Submit button text

Here you edit the text for the submit button, default text is Submit.

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