Adding content to a page

1. A newly added page the hasn't been published yet is marked with a red icon with a cross in the Navigator.
Unpublished page
2. Portlets that was added from the template is shown under Content. Double click on the first text portlet called "Heading", either in the content tree or in the editing area.
Click heading
3. A text editor will now open, replace the the word "Heading" with the real heading that should be used on the page, in this case "About us". Click on "Ok" in order to close the text editor.
About us
4. The heading from 3) will now be visible in the editing area. Double click on the next text portlet, "Text", located beneath the heading.
Click text
5. Add text to the text portlet and click OK when finished.

If you want to change the text, just double click on the text portlet to open the text editor again.

More text
6. Done!

If you want to publish the page (so that visitors can see the page), click on Publish in the toolbar.

Publish page
7. The publish dialog will now be shown, click Finish to publish the page.
If you want to add more portlets to the page, have a look at Adding linked text or Adding an image.

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