Adding a linked text

1. Select the page in the Navigator where you want to add the text.

2. Select the content area in Content.

Content area
3. Click on the "Add text" icon in the toolbar.
Add text
4. A text editor will now open.

5. Write the text that you want to link, for example "News from SiteVision".

Text in textportlet
6. Mark the text and click on the icon link (or CTRL+L if you want to use the short cut key) in the text portlet toolbar.
7. A link creation dialog will now open, SiteVision has five different link types:
  • Internal web page - a link to a page inside the web site.
  • External web page - a link to a web page located an external web site.
  • Document/file - a link to a file in the file archive.
  • Email address - a link to an email address.
  • Image - a link to an image in the image archive.
Create link
8. In this example we want to create a link to an internal web page so we select Internal web page and selects the link target in the link navigator.
9. Write a description of the link or select "Don't use a link description" if you don't want to have a descripton. A link description is typically only useful if the linked text doesn't describe the link enough. If you want the link to be opened in a new window, click in the checkbox "Open in new window".
10. Click OK in the dialog, finished!
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