Adding an image

1. Select the page in the Navigator where you want to add an image.

2. Select the content area in Content.

Content area
3. Click on the "Add image" icon in the toolbar.
Add image
4. An image selection dialog will now open. Select the image that you want to add.

TIP! Click in the checkbox Preview and to preview images without closing the dialog.

Settings for image
If the images isn't available in the image archive, upload the image by clicking on the alternative "Add image".
  • If you want to make it possible for other users to use the image, select Image archive in the dialog.
  • If you only want to make it possible to use the image on the current page, select Page images in the dialog.

A new window will open, find the image that you want to upload and click "Open". Your image will now be uploaded to SiteVision and placed in the location that you've selected.

5. The newly uploaded image will be automatically selected, click OK to close the dialog. If the administrator of the web siteactivated the function Increased accessibility, a popup window will be shown that informs you that an image description has to be entered.
6. If you want to add a description click Cancel, click Ok to add the image without a description.
Description of image
A image description can be selected in three different ways.
  • Do not use image description: Only use this alternative if the image is a decoration image that doesn't contain any important information.
  • Get description from metadata for the selected image: Get the description from metadata associated with the image. If no metadata exists for the image, this alternative will be inactivated.
  • Use image description: Write a description of the image in the textfield below the radio button.

It's also possible to add a caption that will be shown underneath the image in this dialog. Do this by writing the image text under Image caption.

7. Click OK to close the dialog, your image is now added to the page.

Page with image
8. If you want to change the order of the portlets on the page, for example if you want the image to be located underneath the text, you have to move the image portlet under Content.

Select the image portlet under Content, press SHIFT and drag the image upwards to the heading. A black line will be shown that indicates where the portlet will be placed. Release the portlet when a line is shown underneath the text portlet containing the heading.

Move Image
9. Your image is now located in the right position.
Publish new page
10. Publish the page!

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