Adding a table

1. Select the page in the Navigator where you want to add a table.

2. Select the content area in Content.

Content area
3. Click on the "Add table" icon in the toolbar.
Add table
4. A table editor dialog will now open. In this example will we create a table containing contact information for people.

Add table headings in the first row: "Name", "Room", "Telephone" and "Email" in different columns. Using the mouse, mark all cells and select a font so that it's easier to determine which row that contains the headings.

OBSERVE! If the administrator of the web site has activated the function "Increased Accessibility", cells containing table headings should be marked. To do this, mark all cells containing table headings and click on the icon "Row/columnheading" located to the right in the table editor toolbar.

If "Increased Accessibility" is active and no table heading is selected, a warning message will be issued when the table editor dialog is closed.

Add content in the table.
5. You can increase the readability of the table by using striped background colors. Select Options -> Striped background colors in the dialog menu to activate this function.
Striped backgrounds colors
Click OK to see the result. If the administrator of the web site has activated the function "Increased Accessibility", a new window will open to fill in table caption and table summary.
Table descriptions
Table striped
6. If you want the table width to be the same as the portlet width select Options -> Table width in the dialog menu and mark the checkbox "Adjust to the width of the module".
Table width

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