Folder view

Folder view


Number of columns

Here you decide how many columns the thumbnails of slide shows should be shown in.

Number of thumbnails per page

Here you decide how many thumbnails should be displayed per page. If you for instance have four slide shows and have the setting for three there will be a page numbering beneath the thumbnails.
3 thumbnails per page


Here you decide on height width on the slide show thumbnails. There is always a thumbnail shown of the first image in the folder.

If you would like to sort manually in the image folder (right click on the folder and choose Sorting -> manual), you can then move images in the order you would like them by holding down shift and do a drag and drop.


Width padding

If there should be a width between the thumbnails you set it here.

Height padding

Here you set the height between miniatures.
OBSERVE! This is also dependent on the width and height for the miniatures. If you set the width for an image to 200 wide but the image in reality is only 150 wide, there will be a spacing between the miniatures.

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