Image view

Tab Image view


Here you decide on the width and height for the thumbnails.

View options

Hide numbering

Check this box if you would like to hide the numbering.
Hide numbering

Hide folder headline

If you would like to hide the folder headline when clicking on a slide show you check this box.
Hide folder headline

Hide controls

Check this box to hide the play/stop links for the slide show.
Hide controls
If you decide to hide all these alternatives only the image will be displayed. In order to have the slide show you then need to check the alternative Start automatically beneath the tab General.

Metadata settings

Beneath the metadata settings you can add the metadata that should be displayed in the slide show.


Click the plus sign in order to add a metadata. A new window will open where you can add the metadata that are defined on the image folder.
Add metadata
Image description and Longdesc are automatically created in all image archives. Other metadata definitions you need to create. The Image album will display metadata that have been created on the folder in the image archive used by the portlet.
Bildspel med metadata


In order to remove the metadata that should not be displayed in the slide show highlight the metadata and click on the minus sign.

Sort metadata

Highlight the metadata you would like to move in the list and click on the move up or move down arrow.

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