Search expressions

In order to perform a search with the search engine, a question has to be defined in the search portlet. This is normally done by the visitor when typing a search string in the search field and clicking the search button.

If you want to create more complex questions than only one word this is the search syntax:

Search expressionExplanation
pelleSearch for the word ”pelle” or ”Pelle”
pelle swimsSearch for the word ”pelle” or ”swims”
“pelle swims”Search for the phrase ”pelle swims”
PelleSearch for the word ”Pelle” with a capital P
+pelle +swimsSearch for the words ”pelle” and ”swims”
+pelle -swimsSearch for the word ”pelle” where the occurrence of ”swims” isn't allowed
pelle AND swimsSearch for the words ”pelle” and ”swims”
pelle OR swimsSearch for the word ”pelle” or ”swims”
pelle NOT swimsSearch for the word ”pelle” where the occurrence of ”swims” isn't allowed
pelle*Search for words beginning with ”pelle”
p?lleSearch for words where ? can be any character e.g. ”pelle” or ”polle”
p*leSearch for words where * can be any number of characters e.g. ”pelle” or ”partille”
title:pelleSearch for the word ”pelle” in the title field
metadata.prio:HighSearch for the word "High" in metadata named "prio"
roam~Search for words spelled similarly to roam e.g. ”foam” and ”roams”
“pelle swims”~10Search for pages where ”pelle” is within 10 words distance of the word ”swims”
[ pelle TO ball]Search for pages where the words raging from ”pelle” to ”ball” occurs
pelle^4 swimsSearch for pages with ”pelle” or ”swims”. ”pelle” has a higher ranking factor than ”swims” By default the factor is 1 but in this case ”pelle” has the ranking factor 4. The factor has to be a positive number but it can be less than one, e.g. 0.2
(pelle AND swims) OR ballSearch for pages where ”pelle” and ”swims” occurs or where ”ball” occurs. The parenthesis is used to group search expressions.
\(1\+1\)=2Search for the text ”(1+1)=2” These characters are preserved characters in the search engine:
  +, -, &, ||, !, ( ), { }, [ ], ^, ", ~, *, ?, :, \
 In order to be able to search for a text with any of these preserved characters you have to type a backslash ”\” in front of each preserved character.

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