More values to add (beneath the plus sign):

Click the plus sign, in order to add more/different content in the news portlet.

All metadata already set up on the website

First in the list there will be all the metadata already created on the website (Metadata) and on the templates (Metadata templates). You will see different metadata definitions per website depending on which definitions have been created for each.

If having a metadata defintion named Category where I mark the news with either, Tekniknyhet, Kundnyhet or Partnernyhet I can make the decision that the Category should be shown in the news portlet.

Article content (Metadata)

Will fetch information from the text portlet Content in the template. Is used if you would like to display all articles in full format instead of linking the article to the content.

System values

Will fetch optional system value
  • created by
  • created date
  • Last modified by
  • Modification date
  • Last published date


If you would like to add a spacing or a separator (optional char) between the news articles.
A tip! It is also possible to set spacing between the news articles on the tab Advanced.
Screenshot of a separator
The result will be:
Skärmdump av Nyheter med radbrytning


If you would like to add an image (e.g. icon) to display before the date on each news article.
Screenshot of an icon
The result will be:

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