Input of text in a table

In order to type text in a cell you can hightlight the cell with the cursor and then type the text. The input is finished with pressing enter, tab, the arrow keys, or by clicking on a different cell. When the cell is activated there will be a frame around the current cell.

Edit text

In order to edit text you can either double click on the text in the cell or click the text on  top in the text field.

Remove text

If you would like to remove all text in a cell you can highlight it and type the new text. The old text with automatically disappear.

One cell = One property

If you set a property for a cell e.g. bold style or a background color the setting is valid for the entire cell.

OBSERVE! You can not manually create a row brake in the table portlet, the text in a cell will brake automatically depending on the width of the table cell. If you press enter in a cell there will be no row but the cursor will be moved to the cell below the current one.

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