Tag cloud

tab tag cloud

Include tags from

Here you decide if the tags should be displayed from the entire website or a certain branch. Highlight the start page if the entire website should be included. Click the plus sign in order to add a starting point.

Extract tags from the metadata definitions

Select the metadata definitions in the list for the tag cloud. Click the plus sign to add a metadata definition. A new window will open with the existing metadata definitions (located on the tab Metadata on the website).

extract tags

Highlight one or more metadata definitions and click OK. To mark several definitions in the list, hold down CTRL.

The metadata definition that is used needs to have the setting Make field searchable in SiteVision checked on the tab Search on the metadata definition.

List the search result on page containing a search module

Browse to a page where the search result should be displayed when clicking on a tag in the tag cloud. This page must contain a search portlet that can show the result over the pages marked with a certain tag.

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