Beneath the tab Settings you decide on how the forum will function.

Hide summary

If you check this box the thread summary will not be shown when displaying the whole thread.

Show subject description

If you would like to add a description when creating the thread, check this box.
New thread with description
The thread description is shown in the list with the title:

Allow authenticated users to change nickname

If you are logged in and add a message the name will be fetched automatic.
User information
In order to change this name (if desired) the option Allow authenticated users to change nickname must be checked. It will then be possible to edit name and email address.
User information

Only allow authenticated users to create subjects

Check this box if only logged in users should be allowed to create subjects. The link Add subject will be missing for anonymous visitors.

Anonymous visitors can read the forum but need to be logged in to create a subject. But the can reply to a message.

Only allow authenticated users to add messages

The link reply will be missing for visitors not logged in if checking this box.

Show contributions in reverse order

Will display the last message on bottom of the list.

Do not allow replies

If replies are not allowed on messages you check this box. The structure of the forum will become more simple and easy to read.

Do not show mailadress

If email addresses should be hidden you check this alternative.
User information, no mail

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