Screenshot of the tab appearance



Select font template for the visitors name, email address and message.


Select font template for page responsible, confirmation and the link back to the original page.


Select font template for the form fields.

Error messages

Select font template for error message e.g. invalid email address.


Width input fields

By default the input fields in the Contact form is 40 chars. You can adjust this setting if you would like a smaller form.

Click the browse button in order to add an image infront of the name of the page responsible.

Here you can add an image in front of the name of the page responsible.

If you want to use both image and text before the name of the page responsible, they will be shown in the following order: Image->Text->Page responsible.

Use a custom template when rendering user information

The default template displays name, description and telephone number. Here you can use a custom template and e.g. add more attributes.

The following attributes can be fetched from the catalog:

  • cn (user name)
  • mail (email address)
  • givenName
  • sn (surname)
  • title
  • description
  • telephonenumber
  • ou (department)

In order for the contact portlet to function correctly it is required that the user has an email address added in the catalog.

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