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Activate access articles using RSS from this portlet

If the internal news archive is supposed to be exposed like an RSS news feed so that other web based systems can receive news from this RSS channel. RSS is an XLM standard that is widely spread around the internet to be used for exposing information. Fill out the four fields title, description, created by and copyright.

RSS link

In the field RSS link the address is visible to the RSS channel. This is the address that other web pages need in order to use your RSS news feed.

Copy to clipboard

The RSS-link is quite long and therefor tricky to copy. Click on the button Copy to clipboard to copy the address.

OBSERVE! If you want other web sites to use your news you have to provide the RSS link. This can easily be done by having a page with all the RSS links gathered.

OBSERVE! Publish date, heading, Ingress, source and link to article are the values that can be exposed with RSS.

OBSERVE! It is not possible to create an RSS-flow from an event calendar since it requires a connection to a calendar on the page where the content should be displayed.

A tip for accessibility! Enable reusability of your web content e.g. through RSS for increased accessibility.

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