The tab General

Type of slideshow

There are three different types of slideshows to choose from.

Thumbnails (Slideshow will start on click)

The images are shown as thumbnails. Click on an image to start the slideshow (will open in a new window). Decide on the number of thumbnails to show.

Imagefolders (multiple slideshows)

Displays images from several folders. A thumbnail will be shown, the first image in the folder, and information about number of images in the folder. Click a thumbnail to start a slideshow. The slideshow will open in a new window.

Embedded (slideshow directly in page)

Will display images in a folder. The first image in the folder is displayed on the page. When browsing the images they are shown embedded on the page and not in a new window.
Observe! If you use the type Embedded Javascript is used and you need to refresh the page in order to view it correctly (right click on the page and choose refresh). This is also valid when making a change in the portlet after choosing the Embedded type.


Image folder

Here you select the folder where the images are located. Click on Browse to find the folder in the archive. If you select the option Imagefolders you need to locate a folder containing several folders.


Here you decide if the slideshow should start automatically or if there should be a delay in seconds between each image display.


Default is 10 seconds.

Start automatically

Check this box if the slideshow should start automatically.

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