Here you make the settings for the slideshow to appear after clicking on a thumbnail and for the embedded slideshow.

Image size

Width and Height

Here you set the width and height for the image.

Additional padding

If you add image information below the slideshow you decide here on the additional textspace below the image.


Hide thumbnailstrip

Check this box if you do not want a thumbnailstrip.

Hide numbering

If you do not want to show "image 1 of 6".
image slideshow controls

Slideshow control

Here you decide if and how the controls should be displayed.
  • Hidden - If you do not wish to show the controls at all. If you have not activated the slideshow to start automatically the visitor need to click on the image in order to reach the next image.
  • Below image - Displays the slideshow control in the bottom right corner.
  • Inside image (always visible) - The controls are located on the image, see image below
  • Inside image (visible at mouse over) - The slideshow controls are located on the image but will only show when hovering the image.

Image information


Click the plus sign in order to add more information below the images. You can choose between the default values, Image height, Image width, description, and Longdesc or custom metadata values which you create on the folder in the image archive where the images are located.
add image information


Highlight the metadata you do not want to show in the slideshow and click the minus sign.

Sort the metadata

Highlight the metadata you would like to move in the list and click the up/down arrow on the right.

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