Screenshot of the tab Archive

Show articles from

Here you specify the news archive the portlet should work against. If you click the plus icon, a new window will appear:
Screenshot of RSS source for News
Here you choose if you are going to use news from a news archive, that you have created, or from other web sites with an RSS channel.

OBSERVE! To be able to get news from an external RSS-source the administrator has to set up these RSS-sources, refer to the manual for administrators.

Permission requirement! In order to set up custom RSS sources the permission "Properties for web site" is required.

New articles

In order to make it easy for editors to add news articles you can add a link to create and article in the correct archive with the correct template. This link is not visible for visitors but for the ones with the permission to write on the page.

Show link for creating articles in selected archives

If there should be a link "Add article" below the news listing for the users with the rights to add news. This makes it easy for authorized users to add articles in an archive.

Use template

For the user to be able to add a page with news there has to be a page template with certain text portlets, for example heading, ingress and text. This template is created by the administrator and is suitable named News. Here you select the template that the user reaches when clicking on the link "Add article" for adding news .

Link text

Here you set the text for the link, by default the text is Add article.

Link font

Here you set the template to be used for the link text.

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