Here you decide how the news should be presented. You select what should be shown and the appearance of it.
Screenshot of the tab Content
In the white square you see the values that will be in the news feed, these values are the default values. New values are added with the plus icon and the minus icon removes values. This means that the Publishing date is shown first, if the news feed has a publishing date set, then the title, description, link to the article and two blank spaces before the next article.

For every value you can change the template, link the text and limit the number of shown characters. First highlight Publish date in the box to the left. To the right you choose the font template and the template for date.

After that you go to the next value in the list Article image (Metadata).

Screenshot of Article image metadata
if for instance wanting to remove the current alternative, you highlight it and then click the minus sign below the box.

There after you go to the next  value, select Article title (Metadata).

Screenshot of Article title metadata
Here you select the font and if you would like to limit the number of characters in the text. If you would like to link the title to the article instead of having a generic link, you select the tab Link. Here you can check the option Always link text -> Link to article.
Screenshot of Link to article in News
Then you highlight Article description (Metadata) select font, and if you want to limit the number of characters in the text.

For the Link to article you decide on font, placement of the link, from where the ALT-text should be fetched, if an image should be displayed, and if the link should be opened in a new window.

Screenshot of Link to article
The news will then be displayed like below:
A tip for accessibility! Have legible links for increased accessibility. Do not let links on the same page, with the same phrasing, lead to different destinations. E.g. "Read more" links that repeatedly are used in lists with news flashes. If using read more links you should explain each link with a title-text.

More values to insert (beneath the plus sign):

  • All metadata added to the web site.
  • Article content (Metadata) — if you want to display all articles completely instead of linking the article to content.
  • Systemvalues — created of, created date, last changed date, last publishing date etc.
  • new line — If you would like to add a new line or separator (optional char) between the news.
Screenshot of string separator in news
The news will then be displayed like below:
  • Image - If you would like to add an image (e.g. icon) that will appear in front of each news.
Screenshot of the tab image
The news will then be displayed like the following:
Observe! If you are accessing news with RSS you are limited to what values are sent from the RSS feeder.

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