About subscriptions

Visitors can subscribe to be notified when there is news or updates on a page. For example can, those who are interested in what's happening in the IT department get a subscription, and they will then be notified when something happens on that page.

Management of the subscriptions in SiteVision

Management of the subscriptions in SiteVision consists of three parts:

1. Activate subscriptions on a page

To make a subscription possible of a site och article you need to activate subscriptions under Properties for the website. Define the sender and the configuration of the notification sent with the message.

Read more about how to activate a subscription.

2. Add a portlet so that the visitor can register as a subscriber

There are two different portlets making it possible for the visitor to register as a subscriber:

  • Subscriptions - used to register as a subscriber on a page.
  • Subscription list - used to register as a subscrber on a number of pages.

3. Notify the subscribers when a page or article is published

When a page is published you get a choice to send a notification to the subscribers. The message send is written in the publishing guide.

Administration of subscribers

An editor can administer the subscribers on a page where the subscriptions is activated. It´s possible to add, remove, import and export subscribers.

By using the portlet My subscriptions the visitor himself can administer the subscriptions.

Additional information about subscribers


It´s possible to use phone numbers instead of email addresses for a subscriber. This, however, requires a special license and an activated text service.


Subscribers are not included when an export/import is done. A special function is available for this purpose.

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