Screenshot of settings for the Script portlet

Show offline

Gives the result of the script displayed in editing mode. Otherwise the following message will be displayed: " This portlet is only shown online".

Observe! You must only choose this alternative if you are certain that your script does not affect the editing mode! Otherwise you may have a page that you can not edit


Field for entering Java Script. Created variables can be used by Velocity.


Field for entering Velocity Script. Read more about velocity:

Read from file

Read in saved data from the external program you have chosen beneath Edit file. When clicking on this, the changes made will be saved in the SiteVision script portlet from the external application.

Edit file

If you are going to make changes in the script it might be simpler to open the file in an external application e.g. UltraEdit) to be able to search etc.

The first time you click this button you will select which application to use. There after the open script in the selected application will open. The setting is saved locally on the computer used.

Tip! If wanting to change program you hold Shift down when clicking this icon and you will receive the browse button again and can select another text editor.


Saves and executes the script without closing the dialog.


Takes the script back to status before Testing.

Observe! When using dynamic templates you should set a size on the portlet so that it is shown in editing mode. This is done by right clicking on the portlet and choosing properties. In settings you can set height and width.

Observe! Assistance with scripting is not included in the support agreement.

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