Image selection

Here you find the available files and folders located in the image archive, i.e. uploaded to the server. In the square on the left you find the folders. There are always two predefined archives:

Page images: Images in this folder can only be used on the current web page, i.e. no other page can find these images.

Observe! If placing images here they will disappear when removing the page.
Image archive: The archive is mutual for the whole web site and can consist of different folders to create a structure where to sort the images.
Screenshot of the tab Image selection

Create folder

is used for creating structures in the image archive.

Delete folder

removes selected folder.

Image selection

The square on the right is called the image selection, here you see the files in the folder/archive that is selected in the image archive. Here you choose which image to add to the page.

Add image

It is possible to add new images by selecting Add image. A window will appear where you browse to the desired image.


To remove an image, select image and click Delete.


At the bottom you can check the check-box to get a preview of the selected image in a new window.

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