Screenshot of the tab Settings

Menu direction

Vertical menu/Horizontal menu

Option for vertical or horizontal menu.



Here you select font template for how the text is to be displayed in the menu.

Check this box and select which font to use for the active link.

Here you select if you want an image in front of the link and then you choose the image by clicking on the browse button.

Use link style icons

Check this box if you want the menu to show icons for external links and links that are opened in a new window.

This implies the administrator has activated this option in the web site settings. The menu does not show icons for different file types.


Use other start page

Set a start page. This will cause the menu to be static and always show the same content. Otherwise the menu will display from the active page.

Use start page from metadata

If you have a metadata definition of the type link you can set up different start pages depending on where you are on the web site. Hence, the same menu portlet will show different menus depending on where you are in the structure. For example if having a top menu with eight different option and you want the left menu to be displayed depending on which alternative has been selected in the top menu.

Do the following:
1. Create a metadata definition of the link type on the web site. Name the definition e.g. Menu selection.

2. Select the page in the metadata value on each branch that you want the menu to start showing from. If you for instance want the menu to show from "Portlets". Select Properties and the tab Metadata. Deactivate inherit value and browse to the page "Portlets".

Screenshot of metadata selection
3. In the menu, select the alternative Use start page from metadata. Choose the metadata definition you created earlier.

4. Done!

Screenshot of "uset start page from metadata"

Show from parent if empty

Shows the level above if the current page does not have any sub pages.

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