Screenshot of the toolbar in the Text portlet
1. Save without closing:
Saves the text and displays it on the web page. This without closing the window unlike the OK button.
OBSERVE! The page is not saved, just the text in the portlet. To save the page you need to click on the save icon in the SiteVision tool bar.
2. Cut:
Cuts the selected text and adds it to the clip board. You can also highlight the text, right click and choose cut, or the quick key CTRL+X.

3. Copy
Copies the selected text and adds it to clip board. You can also highlight the text, right click and choose copy, or use the quick key CTRL+C

4. Paste
Pastes the text from the clipboard to where the cursor is positioned in the text editor. You can also highlight the text, right click and choose paste, or the quick key CTRL V.

5. Font template menu
Highlight desired text and choose one of the predefined font templates. In this example you can see the font template "Normal".

6. Bold
Makes the text bold. Quick key is CTRL B.

7. Italic
Makes the text italic. Quick key is CTRL I.

Permission requirements! In order to see the icons for bold and italic text the permission,  Use bold and italic in texts and tables is required.
8. Left alignment
Aligns the selected text to the left.

9. Center alignment
Aligns the selected text to center.

10. Right alignment
Aligns the selected text to the right.

11. Dot list
Creates a dot list of the selected text. Every new line will automatically get a new dot. when striking the Enter key. The dot list is ended by clicking the icon once more or by striking the Enter key twice.

12. Link
Highlight the text that is to become the link. Click the icon and the following window will appear where you select type of link and which URL the link will go to: Select link type to the left.

13. Delete link
Deletes the selected link. Highlight the link and click the icon. this will only remove the link, not the text.

14. Spelling
If you select this function the text in the text editor will be checked for spelling errors. If a word is not spelled correctly or not in the dictionary, the word is underlined with a red line. If you right click on the misspelled word you will get optional words. There is also the option to add the word to the dictionary or ignore the word.

The spelling will be done on the language that the web site is setup in. If spelling is desired for another language this is selected by choosing Options and thereafter Designate Language.
Words added in spelling will become a common dictionary per language and server.

Spelling is turned on by default, it can be turned off centrally (in Website settings under the tab advanced options).

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