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The complete address to the web application which is to be integrated with the web site. The address have to begin with http or https.

In order to find out the address you can right click the login form for the application you are linking and choose View source. In the HTML code you should look for <FORM> and the attribute ACTION. There you find the address to fill in here.


The two available methods are GET or POST.


Use separate (SecretStore)

If the login information to the integrated web application differ from the login information being used in SiteVision, this box needs to be checked. The login information, that is to be typed when online, will be forwarded to the web application where it is stored.


Show toolbar

The toolbar will not show unless checking this box. If the box is unchecked the label and key in the right corner will not be displayed. The key stands for the possibility to change password which in many cases is preferred to be able to do on the integrated web application.


What font template to use on the heading of the page. The heading is fetched from the name of the portlet. Right click on the portlet in the content area and rename if you would like change the heading.

Background color

The background color on the tool bar. It is optional to choose a background color, if making the selection No color, the background color will be grey.


Set size on the Iframe (recommended when using dynamic positioning)

The box should be checked if using dynamic templates. This is necessary for the Iframe to be correctly displayed if opening it in a new window. After checking the box you right click on the portlet, choose Settings and set a size, width and/or height) on the Iframe portlet. If using absolute positioned templates the size is set when extending the portlet.

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