Screenshot of tab General for the PDF export


Here you set the margins for the printout.

Title page and chapter settings

Title page

If a title page is desired, you create a page, and then browse to the page by clicking the button.

Metadata for title

Is used in the instances when chapter (bookmarks) should be shown in the PDF export. A metadata definition must be created and values added for the different chapters. Here you select the metadata definition which is created on the web site for this purpose.

Title font

Select font for the title.

If selecting a font title the PDF export will be empty UNLESS going to the tab Style and change a setting so that the font template will be mapped.


Add table of content

If checking this box you will receive a table of contents in the beginning of the PDF which lists the page names of the included pages and all headers labeled h2-h6.

Use icon

If wanting an image for the PDF file, you select it here.


Here you select font for the title if selecting link text.

Link text

Type the link text here for the PDF export.

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